Communication and dating

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SEE ALSO: How to Move on When your Ex Already Has I get the impression the father of your child may not have been totally forthright (and obviously fully committed) then and may not be honest to you, his fiancé and himself now.

This may just be a tendency for him to get what he wants without a commitment.

Working with Patrick was hands down one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

He’s incredibly perceptive, and by the time our sessions ended, I felt like I had gained a whole new perspective on relationships and life.

According to the theory, people find uncertainty in interpersonal relationships unpleasant and are motivated to reduce it through interpersonal communication.

Communication has to be approached from a scientific angle.My ex and I (never married) have been split for some time; however, we share a two-year-old child.I heard my ex is expecting a child and to be wed soon (not from his mouth), but recently he's been contacting me a lot via phone and text.There are a lot of reasons a man might not call, but a big one that will have any good guy running in the opposite direction is a woman who's not a good communicator. Sometimes it looks like you use your ears more than your mouth.Having good communication means being authentic at all costs, even if it means losing a chance with him. But your ears aren't just to show off your big silver hoops.

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