Everquest patcher stuck on updating

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** Item and Vendor Adjustments ** - Changed the forged Antonian Javelins to be stackable.- Gnome Skin Sleeves are now droppable and rentable.Click here to download PSO2 if you do not already have it installed.Click here for a quick guide on how to set up the PSO2 Tweaker. Site & Translations © 2017 Arks-Layer All software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. I experienced slightly better speeds downloading the latest 1.2 Beta with this new launcher. The version number for this launcher is: 0.4.2150.0 Please give this a go and let us know if it helps, we definitely want to sort this persistent issue out as soon as possible!

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*** Items *** - Serisaria's Pearl Stud: Fixed the unprintable character in the lore text.

The PSO2 Tweaker is a replacement for the normal PSO2 Launcher, used to update and launch the Japanese version of the game.

The Tweaker adds several options to the game, such as the option to automatically download and install new English patches as they are updated, configure your game settings, update your game quickly, and much more!

- Fixed the animation problem where an animation played on the upper body would get stuck.

This could be seen by starting to cast a spell and then walking forward while it was playing the casting animation.

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