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For starters, clicking this link — the new short URLs aimed at Facebook Page owners (in the format) — merely launched the chat window; there was no greeting text from the business in question. ” Facebook will reportedly soon address this problem when it finalizes the rollout of “Messenger Greetings,” which will allow businesses to pass along a note to customers when they kick off a chat session. Sanders does too.” Not only are these not what one would consider the top U. stories, the second was returned because it had the word “” in the headline. These bots clearly need to be able to interact with their human customers more conversationally, and have a better understanding of what people are actually saying to them.

In other words, though you know that there’s a bot to interact with, you don’t know how to begin. These greetings could instruct users how to get started using the bot. They need to have more functionality — like the ability to pull up specific items when shopping — and they need to be better programmed from the start. The Guardian gave different chatbots a dry run and had similarly mixed results.

The idea is that Messenger users could simply “chat” with these automated software programs to do things like read the latest news from CNN, get a weather report or even go shopping. The summary feature is a bit reminiscent of Quartz’s standalone news messaging app, and is a good way to get briefed on the most important aspects to the day’s news.To get a good feel for Facebook’s chatbots, we demoed the three “Featured” bots that Facebook is promoting via its Messenger platform website: CNN, shopping app Spring and weather app Poncho. S.” in the headline when returning its suggestions.Each bot had a “Try it” link provided, which opens directly on Messenger a chat interface with the business. Instead of “top” stories, the bot returned exactly two articles: CNN’s “U. mobster’s heirs to Cuba: You owe us — so pay up” and a CNN Money video entitled “Ken Burns: Trump divides us. ” returned a different set of (now three) stories with the word “us” in the headline, including an op-ed called “What Easter teaches us about heaven.” Similarly, requests for the “latest news” stumbled — again, only looking for the keyword in the headline. While these tests were brief, it goes to show that Messenger’s chatbots are still a long way from fulfilling their potential to be a useful way to interact with businesses and brands through chat.Boost Juice has defended an online campaign to promote a new smoothie to young adults, following concerns it normalises predatory behaviour.The Facebook Messenger chatbot aimed at 18-24 year olds engages the customer in conversation before trying to persuade them to play a dating game.

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