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Uninstallation:1) Run Firmware Update from your ML card.2) Follow the instructions. With your CF card in your Card reader, copy the latest Nightly Build file you have unzipped earlier to your CF card, you will have 2 files, ML folder and Using the joystick or the front scroll wheel navigate to the MODULES Tab, then using the joystick or the rear dial/scroll wheel select the following mdules by pressing SET. For Raw Video recording: (essentials) file_man mlv_play mlv_rec mlv_snd pic_view raw_rec (this is version one of raw and should not be used together with mlv_rec, choose one) For advanced stills shooting:(see relevant stills threads as I'll focus more on video shooting)3.

Chat Help to help with installation problems almost always redirects to THIS PAGE UNAVAIBLE and if u are able to finally connect to CHAT the technicians can not correct, give advise or fix the issues.

The CHAT technician gave advise to correct the problem but it did not fix the connectivity problem and when I told him that I followed his instructions but still could not connect he put me on hold and SIGNED OFF and disconnected. However, there are connectivity issues almost constantly.

Completely frustrated I quit trying to download the Safer Web program. One must re-set the password too often and the overall stability is poor.

Now before I start this I love the Gears Of War franchise.

I've played Gears 1-4 and still continue to enjoy playing.

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