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Now, I will not pretend to be an expert on the inner workings of the app or the rhymes or reasons for certain people using (and abusing) it, but I can help to provide some good advice on where to meet up with someone you’ve never meet before.There are a couple of key factors for selecting a good place for a Tinder date: 1. You want the place to be hip, but not so trendy you risk running into any of your mates, colleagues, or god-forbid last week’s Tinder date. Dim lighting that is flattering, but not so dark you are liable to get kidnapped.While Mr Punch does play music, it’s soft enough that it isn’t intrusive.

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The slow lane starts as soon as you join the queue for the bumboat at Changi. Ubin is a great day trip spent walking or pedaling through rustic roads under swaying coconut palms, exploring shady trails in overgrown rubber plantations, checking out secluded beaches and flourishing mangroves.Lots of great hipster things like Wolf burgers, Rollie and Sarnies.A recent study showed that over 50% of singles in Singapore use some form of online dating.Tinder, if you are not familiar, is currently one of the most widely used mobile apps for connecting with people in the midst of an ever-growing online dating boom.From my perspective it used to have a much more dodgy reputation when it first came out (or maybe that was just the NYC scene), but nowadays is a legit way to connect singles here in Singapore and all around the world.

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