Pisces dating pisces compatibility

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They both bring a touch of the elevated or enchanted to their surroundings.

This makes them sympatico, as they sense a similarly tuned-in outlook.

Both are not so impressed by the usual worldly markers of success.

They are plugged into a different kind of spiritual GPS system.

Both want to contribute to the healing and evolution of all life. Aquarius and Pisces are chums on the Zodiac, but different rhythms and elements mean there can be clashes.

Cancer: As both of these signs are compassionate, emotive signs that feel their way through life, Cancer and Pisces make for one of the most compatible matches under the sun.

Some are absorbed in the dreams and visions of the human family.

They might do this as visionaries, artists, stylists or proprietors.

By Brian Palenske Pisces is a water sign - emotional, creative, and intuitive.

As such, Pisces natives are looking for partners who appreciate the creative arts, are in touch with their spiritual side, and are comfortable with their own emotions.

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