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Phone sex lines aren’t like that – in fact you’ll never be expected to pay for what you don’t intend to use.

A phone number listed on a box of cereal modeled after then-Cincinnati Bengals wideout Chad Ochocinco potentially led some people (even kids) to dial up a sex hotline.

And nearly a decade ago, the Charlotte Bobcats, in their expansion season, had a listing in the local yellow pages for basketball tickets that had been mistaken for a sex chat number.

Speaking of Google, many medical practices rely on Google to drive business which is why they need sound Medical SEO to help market their practice.

Services such as plastic surgery SEO are just one example of the effective methods available.

You’ll never have to share your real name or even provide actual information about yourself.



That’s the great things about free chat lines; their priority is your security.

Really -- we're not going to be that good this year. The number listed for Charlotte Bobcats tickets in the 2004 Bell South Charlotte phone book led surprised callers to an automated line, suggesting that they call a sex chat number.

Here's what you get when you cross streaking with Philosophy 101 The Hamilton College (Clinton, N.

Y.) varsity streaking team expanded its schedule to include away games in 2004, scheduling teams in the school's New England Small College Athletic Conference.

But going varsity and scheduling away streaks raised an important question: How to tell the wins from the losses.

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