Taylor swift dating conor kennedy tumblr

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You will be manipulative your whole life and rely heavily on fake tans for your self-confidence.

You will be completely unequipped to comfort your inevitably chubby daughter (because Karma is a bitch) when she comes home from school having been teased for her belly rolls. By the hot dude in your class having Taylor Swift as his girlfriend, you are guaranteed to age gracefully into self-assured woman who doesn’t think she’s the end-all-and-be-all but has had enough therapy to know that if a man doesn’t have the decency to buy her dinner first, she should kick his ass to the curb.

If you don’t go through it, you will have no material for the art you make later in life.

You will have zero motivation in your kickboxing class.

Fairfax Flea Market - September 5th, 2011Taylor and Dianna officially met at the flea market through a mutual friend, Ashley Avignone.(x)September 6th 2012 - Harry and Taylor meet again at the MTV Video Music Awards where the both performed. After the show they went out for a meal at Katsuya with some friends, including Ed Sheeran.October 6th 2012 - Jonathan Ross asks Taylor who she was dating at that time and whether he’s a good looking boy. On the same day, Harry and Nick Grimshaw talk about Taylor on the radio (x)October 7th 2012 - 1D and Taylor perform at the Teen Awards.I don’t feel sorry for you, girls who go to the prep school Deerfield Academy with Conor Kennedy and have to deal with the fact that he’s dating Taylor Swift. A major part of going to high school is feeling inadequate.Living through a short period (6 months – 10 years) of deep, sustained inadequacy is an essential part of life.

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