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The Withings blood pressure monitor plugs into your i Phone or i Pad, measures your BP, records all measurements and syncs with Run Keeper.Both devices are available in the Run Keeper Store. One word of caution before I start the feature overview and review.The Activité Fitness Tracker Watches might make you obsess over your activity to the point where you are cognizant of every step you take. Here’s an example: One day I went to the local Sam’s Club store to shop.It will only upload data when you weigh-in or once a day so don't expect to monitor your bedroom temperature/CO2 levels live when you our outside your home, it will only update once a day.

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Once the new account has been created, you can share the access to your scale to the new account by performing the following steps: Note that the Share your scale option is only available if you have originally set up the scale in Wi-Fi.

Besides sounding like an overly complicated medical term, just what is “pulse wave velocity?

” In simpler terms, it’s a measurement from the amount of time a wave, created each time your heart beats, takes to travel through your arteries.

I’m also a walker/runner, but I am more in the category of fan/support rather than competitive walking and running.

I reviewed the black Activité Steel (Steel) Fitness Tracker Watch.

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